Activator KMSpico for Office 2016

Today, not all users have access to licensed software for Microsoft Office 2016 due to its high cost. KMS activation is completely safe and legal and ensures that your software stays activated for 360 days. Such activation programs are of great interest and will always be in demand.

KMS Pico – is a successful and effective activator for Microsoft Office 2016 that saves you from having to buy a license key. It is a simple and reliable tool that can unlock all the premium features of Microsoft products. KMS Pico replaces the installed key with a volume license key, then creates an emulated instance of the KMS server on your computer and forcibly activates your MS Office.

You can download this activator and save in some folder and if u will need activation for Microsoft Office or Windows u can do it in offline mode (without connection to internet ) becouse this activator can work without internet.

What is KMSPico Activator for Microsoft Office 2016?

KMSPico is one of the best offline activators for Microsoft Office 2016 and all another versions. Easy-to-use utility will permanently fix license problems with MS Office and all versions of Windows. Since buying a license is expensive and not everyone can buy licensed software for themselves, a team of programmers created a good universal and most importantly free activator KMS Pico.

KMS Pico Office 2016

You may have problems downloading the activator because your antivirus might think it is a virus, but don’t be afraid, this is a false alarm, you just need to turn off the antivirus protection while downloading the activator. For stable operation of the activator, you need NET Framework 4.0. If you value your personal time and finances, I advise you to download the KMS Pico activator for free and use the free activation of your Microsoft Office.

Instruction of using KMSPICO activator MS Office 2016:

  • Make sure your AntiVirus and Windows Defender are turned off;
    ➔Instruction to disable in: Windows 10 | Window 11🡄
  • Download KMSPico from our website;
  • Extract the archive files (Password to archive —windows);
  • Open “KMSEldi.exe” as the Administrator;
  • Click at red button and wait a little time;
  • Well done, my congratilation, now u have license.

Instruction in Video

Microsoft Office 2016 activated using KMSPico Activator

The main purpose of the KMS server is to activate Windows as well as Microsoft Office products. The server allows you to use Microsoft products at no cost for the rest of your life.The software works automatically and you can use the products without re-activating the products, just update the software and enjoy it.

Office 2016 activation

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