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  • There are reserve activators in the categories for more experienced users or you may just try out them.

Why I have to Activate Windows 7/8/10/11?

Any licensed copy of an operating system from Microsoft needs to be activated. But not everyone is ready to pay for a license and prefer to bypass activation in a variety of ways, because they want to bypass the restrictions of the unlicensed version.

Unlicensed Windows will give these problems:

  • Personalization options will not be available in Windows settings: change wallpaper, color options, and some others;
  • In the same place in the parameters you will see information that Windows is not activated;
  • After some time using Windows, a watermark will appear at the bottom right of the screen, indicating that the system is not activated;
  • The system from time to time will insistently require you to enter a product key and interfere with work at an inconvenient moment.

Why I have to Activate Microsoft Office?

The free trial version of Microsoft Office provides all the components of the Office suite for 30 days – Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word. But beyond that, it requires activation.

After 30 days, Office programs will run in reduced functionality mode, which means they will only function as viewers. When the program is running in reduced functionality mode, many commands are not available. Therefore, you cannot create new documents and you cannot edit them. You can print documents, but you cannot save them.

When running unlicensed Microsoft Office, users will encounter the following:

  • Login/customize dialog;
  • Product key entry dialog;
  • Warning! “Product Notice”;
  • Warning! “Unlicensed Product”/”Product Deactivated”;
  • Features disabled;
  • Open/view supported documents.

So, why endure this if the activation problem can be solved for free?

Download The Best Activator for Windows 7

Windows 7 Loader

Many years of experience in using Loader by Daz shows that the Windows activated by it will not need to be reused by this program. That is, the activation will not “fly”, as they say, by itself, and the user will not need to look for any other way to activate the system again for free.

The program is also good because it does not flash SLIC into BIOS, and therefore there is no risk that the computer will turn into a “brick”.

How to activate Windows 7 Ultimate?

  • Temporally close Windows Defender! and Antivirus;
  • Download and extract the archived files (Password to archive —windows);
  • Run “Windows Loader.exe” as the Administrator;
  • Press “Install“;
  • Wait until activation completion and restart a computer.

Windows 7 Loader Activator

Download The Best Activator for Windows 8.1

Microsoft Toolkit for Windows 8.1

Microsoft Toolkit is counterfeit software designed to embed a fake activation code into a version of Windows OS. This program bypasses security systems and launches the operating system on its own, the main thing is to strictly follow the instructions.

The program itself consists of two applications: Windows Toolkit and Office Toolkit, which are suitable for activating the operating system and the programs required for operation, respectively.

How to activate Windows 8.1?

  • Temporally close Windows Defender! and Antivirus;
  • Extract all files and run “Microsoft Toolkit.exe” file as the Administrator (Password to archive —windows);
  • At the bottom on the right there are 2 icons: on the left for Microsoft Office and on the right for Windows. Select Windows icon and go to Activation Tab;
  • Press “EZ-Activation” in this Tab, then wait activation completion and restart the system.

Microsoft Toolkit Windows Activator

Download The Best Activator for Windows 10

KMSPico Download Windows 10

KMSPico is a tool that is used to activate Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office and other Windows. It is the only free software that is 100% free of malware and viruses.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator works on the principle that the Microsoft owner discovered. Bill Gates. This principle is known as a Key Management Server (KMS). The name of this tool comes from this method.

How to activate Windows 10?

  • Temporally close Windows Defender! and Antivirus;
    ➔Instruction to disable in: Windows 10 | Window 11🡄
  • Unzip activator (Password to archive —windows);
  • Extract all files and run “KMSELDI.exe” file as the Administrator;
  • Last step is click a red button and wait for activation.

KMSPico Windows 10 Activator

Download The Best Activator for Office 2010, 2013, 2016

Office Loader Activator

Re-Loader is simply the most powerful activator that uses a non-standard activation method that allows you to activate almost any version of Windows and Office.

In our case, the activator uses radical measures, so to speak, it simply removes the activation check from the system, that is, Office will not know at all how much time is left until the end of activation and the need for the key is lost altogether.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2010-2016?

  • Temporally close Windows Defender! and Antivirus;
  • Download the file;
  • Extract it to any convenient place (Password for archive —windows);
  • Run exe file as the Administrator;
  • Put a check in the “O14” for Office 2010 or “O15” for Office 2013 or “O16” for Office 2016, click “Active“;
  • Wait and then Activation completed.

Loader for Office Activation

Download The Best Activator for Office 2019, 2021

Office 2019 and 2021 Activation

KMSAuto++ is an extended edition of the KMS activator for Windows and Office, which assigns a “licensed” status for free.

Activation occurs using corporate keys, randomly selected on KMS servers or locally. Also in the program there are other convenient functions for setting up a computer or laptop.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2019-2021?

  • Temporally close Windows Defender! and Antivirus;
  • Download the file;
  • Extract it to any convenient place (Password for archive —windows);
  • Run the file “KMSAuto.exe as an administrator.
  • Clicking “Activate Office”.
  • Click “YES“.
  • Wait a while and see that the activation was successful.

Office 2021 Activator

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

I will try to answer the main questions regarding activation that you might have.

🤓 What is Windows Activator?

Activator is a free tool that allows you to activate different versions of your operating system for free. In addition to that, this cool app will start activation with a quick one-click process.

🤓 What to do if activator didn’t help?

If some activator can’t open or you get error and Windows still not activate, You can try to find other activators in this site. Also can try get Free Activation Key here or try to activate using CMD/Batch method.

🤓 Why must disable Antivirus and Windows Defender?

Since the Activator is an illegal activation method, the Antivirus and Windows Defender designate it as unwanted programs and remove it. But for activation, you must temporarily disable security programs and use the Activator.

🤓 Is it safe to use Activator to activate Windows?

Activator itself is not dangerous and is not a virus, but from some sites you will download a modified version where the Trojan will sit. Therefore, a safer option would be to get an Activator from our website.

🤓 Is it legal to use Activators?

Solutions like activators to bypass legitimate activation spoofing a Key Management Services server is illegal. Consumers should not endeavor on activating Windows through those means. Activation servers (KMS) through an organization or educational institution is legal, and should be used for those intents and purposes.

🤓 How Activator for Windows and Office works?

There are 3 diffirent ways for activation: KMS Activator creates a custom server on your Windows folder and then connects you to the KMS server and shows your windows that it is a part of the KMS server. Loader Activator uses radical measures, so to speak, it simply removes the activation check from the system.

🤓 Do have any other free methods to activate Windows or Office?

If we talk about free methods, then there are methods such as finding a free Activation Key or activation via the CMD/Batch method. You can find these methods in our website too.


In order to have the full functionality of Microsoft products, you need to activate them. You can activate it for free with the help of special programs – activators. For each separate version of Windows and Office, there are separate best activators that can be downloaded on this page.

That’s all. This complete guide to activating any version of Windows and Office should cover all the important things you need to know about the software. It’s a safe and easy way to activate Microsoft products without spending a lot of money.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope this article helped you find the answers you were looking for.

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