Office 2021 Activation using KMS Auto

Office 2021 Activation using KMS AutoUnique free method of activation Microsoft Office 2021. To use it, you do not need to be a computer specialist, even a novice user can handle it.

 KMS Auto – is a small program for activating software products from Microsoft. It installs a fake server so that Windows cannot authenticate the information product, then installs the license key. The settings of this activator can be configured manually. KMS Auto is the best activator that has been endowed with “high intelligence”, with which you can select and remember certain parameters for your computer.

What is Microsoft Office 2021?

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 is a set of Office utilities that help organize the workflow in large and private enterprises. There are several versions of the Office Suite, they differ in the composition of programs and additional features, for example, utilities for organizing communication within and outside the company: Skype, Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Office is by far the most suitable office application worldwide thanks to three successful applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

With their help you can easily work with text documents , create books and essays , besides it will not be difficult for you to create various presentations , tables and keep various reports . You can learn more about these applications in the Office features section.

Nowadays, almost every device, be it a computer or a laptop, has Office 2021 or its other versions installed. The current age of technology requires professionalism and a competent approach to working with documents, spreadsheets, which, in principle, ensures the need for a product from Microsoft.

What Components has Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021?

This Product has: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Access, Skype for bussines, Project Pro / Standart.Visio Pro / Standart, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook.

What to do if your Office 2021 is not activated?

If there is a desire to use all the benefits of the program, you should activate the Office, and what exactly is at stake, I will describe below in this article.

Office 2021 is not activated

What does it mean to activate KMSAuto for Microsoft Office 2021?

Many Internet users are looking for a reliable and stable activator for Windows 11. Therefore, we recommend you the KMS Auto activator. With this activator, you have the opportunity to activate almost all Windows operating systems, including Windows 11. And besides, there is a nice addition, this is the ability to activate Microsoft Office products from 2010 to 2021.

Since the license is valid for a period of 6 months, after this time you will be able to reactivate your Microsoft Office 2021. One of the features of this utility is that it does not significantly change the system files and cannot do any harm.

Another good feature of the activator is the ability to see detailed information about your license and also find out its validity period. And in addition, you can create backup copies of the activation.

Features of KMS Auto++

  • Windows activation (obtaining a licensed copy);
  • Activation of Microsoft Office all versions;
  • Removing traces of other activators;
  • Reactivation tasks;
  • Checking the integrity of system files;
  • Manage tasks in Task Scheduler;
  • Advanced settings for advanced users.

Download Office 2021 Activator KMS Auto

Now is time to do real thing, now can download the Activator from link below. Then follow steps from powerful Instruction down and everything will be fine.

How do you will activate Office 2021 using KMS Auto?

  • Temporarily disable Windows Defender! and Antivirus. This will help avoid blocking the Activator;
    ➔Instruction to disable in: Windows 10 | Window 11🡄
  • Download and extract the file using WinRar;
  • Extract all files (Password to archive —windows);
  • On behalf of the administrator, run the file “KMSAuto++.exe“;
  • Clicking “Activate Office” will activate Office 2021;
  • Click “YES“;
  • We wait a while and see that the activation was successful.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

After reading and studying this article on the KMS Auto for Microsoft Office 2021 guide, if you still have questions, you can read the frequently asked questions and answers below, maybe they will be useful to you.I am sure that below you will find answers to your questions that interest you. If this does not happen, then you can ask in the comments section below. We will try to answer all your questions.

🤓 How long does it take to activate?

In fact, it lasts for 6 months, in a situation if you added activation to the “task scheduler” – then forever (automatic reactivation). If you need to reinstall Windows, activate it again, it’s easy.

🤓 What accompanying programs are necessary for correct operation?

You only need NET Framework 4.5 or older (you can also download from the official Microsoft). If your device has Windows 10 or Windows 11 installed, this is not necessary.

🤓 Office activator downloaded, but it disappeared?

We are watching “Antivirus / Windows Defender Quarantine”. During activation and before downloading / unzipping, we recommend disabling “Antivirus”, as well as the “Windows Defender” software.

🤓 What versions of Office does it support?

Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus or Standard Edition 2021(×32+×64).

🤓 If I have an original Windows license on my device, will my license be broken if I activate Office?

This program is designed so that when you try to activate Windows or Office, there will be a check for access to the presence of any licenses, if the original license is found, the program bypasses it without making any adjustments or changes. Therefore, you can safely activate Office without any intrusions into the license.

Conclusion & Check Activation Status

With the KMS Activator you have the opportunity to use licensed systems without any payment.
This program has a simple and easy to use interface without requiring any super skills from the users, for more knowledgeable users there is also a more sophisticated version with many interesting and advanced options.
With the help of activation, we give you a guarantee for a fairly effective use of packages for free.

Activated Office 2021 KMS Auto

To check activation status for Microsoft Office 2021 follow this: Press Menu -> Office Account -> Product Information. When you see there information “Product Activated”, you can start to use fully activated Office 2021.

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