Loader by Daz Activator for Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Loader by dazIf after installing Windows 7 you have a problem in the form of a black screen and constant requests for activation and an offer to buy a license, then we will help you fix this problem. For this, there is a Windows Loader program, it will quickly and free of charge remove all signs of an unactivated Windows 7.

Windows Loader – an activator that will introduce a specially designed code into the operating system, and every time after turning on the computer, this code will tell Windows 7 that Windows activation has been completed.

This is one of the most reliable and secure ways to activate the system. The Windows loader activator must be run as administrator. This utility can handle any seventh version of Windows.

What is Windows Loader?

Windows Loader Activator is one of the best and easiest to use programs. This effective activator will activate your Windows in just 60 seconds. I give you a hint , you are definitely forced to disable your antiviruses , as this activator does not do any harm to your system !

I recommend you this Activator as I’ve always used it. You should run activator and press Install, then restart your computer and get your Windows licensed. With this activator you should not buy licensed key for Windows 7, it is absolutely free!

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Advantages of Activation

  • Easy-to-use;
  • Activates any Windows 7;
  • Activation in 30 seconds;
  • Full lifetime activation.

Download Loader Activator for Windows 7

Right now is time to download Windows Loader by Daz Activator from here.

How to activate Windows 7 Ultimate?

  • Download Activator;
  • Temporally close Windows Defender! and Antivirus;
    ➔Instruction to disable in: Windows 7🡄
  • Extract the archived files, use WinRAR Archiver for extracting
    (Password to archivewindows);
  • Run “Windows Loader.exe” as the Administrator;
  • Press “Install“;
  • Wait until activation completion and restart a computer.

Windows 7 Ultimate activation

Instruction in Video


Windows 7 activated using Windows Loader

Windows 7 activated by Windows Loader

After Windows restart the text as in the screenshot Windows Activation is Done should appear. Congratulations, you activated your Windows 7 using Windows Loader. Thank you for your time!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

I will try to answer some questions and help you.

🤓 Is Windows 7 Activator still valid in 2024?

Yes, the developer has updated Windows 7 Activator tool in 2024, and it works like a charm. Even though in the latest version, you can see the compatibility with Windows 8 and 8.1. This means now, with this single tool, you can activate Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 as well.

🤓 I heard Windows 7 Activator contains the virus. Is that true?

No, of course not. These are only rumours. Just because it gives free activation doesn’t mean this contains the virus.

It is scanned by Virus total and found no malicious code inside it. The reason why I was told to disable antivirus is that Antivirus programs block these types of tools.

🤓 What if I bought a genuine product from Microsoft?

If you have purchased the license key from Microsoft and want to change the license, then you can follow the above guide. Go above and read the guide on How To Uninstall Windows 7 activator, and you will see complete steps there.

🤓 Can I activate my Windows 10 using this Activator?

No, You can’t activate any windows 10 using the windows seven activator for starting Windows 10. Try the best activator named KMSpico, which is officially for Win 10.

Additional Information

Of course, it’s one more way to transform Microsoft OS to a licensed one, by applying of free activation key/code. However, it’s a temporary solution. The key becomes unworkable in a few weeks, returning user to a “locking for” routine. Windows 7 x64/ x86 Ultimate 7601 is a unique way to make OS activated for a long time. Moreover, activator will save your money and time.

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